• The Gentlemen’s Social Club

    The Gentlemen’s Social Club

    Sometime in the mid-2000's in Austin, Texas, a South Austin band exploded onto the scene. Raw and raucous and dirty,…

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  • Chelsea Barbo

    Chelsea Barbo

    Coming up from a previous generation of musicians, this Austin-born-and-raised native (the rarest of unicorns) started her musical career young.…

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  • Natchet Taylor

    Natchet Taylor

    How best to describe the music of Natchet Taylor? Let’s just call it what it is -- Natchet Taylor music.…

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  • Disko Wolves

    Disko Wolves

    Ex-New Disaster members Natchet Taylor, Abel Idle, and Rob Williamson reunite along with Agony Column / Gentlemen’s Social Club bassist…

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  • Nowherebound


    Musical magnets for each other, this six piece punk rock band ignited in 2010. They sing to you all over…

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  • Welcome to the Drunken Ship

    Welcome to the Drunken Ship

    Drunken Ship Records is an independent music label located in the heart of Austin, TX With our partners in Europe…

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