The Gentlemen’s Social Club

Sometime in the mid-2000's in Austin, Texas, a South Austin band exploded onto the scene. Raw and raucous and dirty, The Gentlemen's Social Club showed up, destroyed everything in their path, and then faded away, leaving behind only a sole album to remember them by ("On The Avenue"). The had band pressed a limited number of CDs but had never managed to make the album available anywhere else. Being HUGE fans of GSC, we here at Drunken Ship Records found this completely unacceptable. For one, our CD had finally worn out. And yes, this is horrible in its own right, but the biggest tragedy is that this amazing album can't be heard by the millions of rock fans out there. This is a killer rock and roll record, people! It needs to be heard... and so it shall.

Keep an eye out here, DSR fans. We are proud to announce that we will be releasing The Gentlemen's Social Club's album "On The Avenue" on all digital platforms. We are also looking to make a limited vinyl release of the record as well for all you collectors. Yeah, we get it. We are excited ourselves.

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