Disko Wolves

Ex-New Disaster members Natchet Taylor, Abel Idle, and Rob Williamson reunite along with Agony Column / Gentlemen’s Social Club bassist Billy Chainsaw and rock-demigod Yayo Sanchez to form Disko Wolves: puro rock and punk from Austin, TX. Born and bred in the infamous Red River music scene of Austin, the members of Disko Wolves are some of the best rock musicians the town has to offer.
Disko Wolves features punk rock simplicity, amped-up rock and roll urgency, and a killer live show. This wolf pack has already become a local favorite and is sure to electrify audiences and listeners everywhere.
With the finishing touches being put on their long-awaited debut album, Disko Wolves is poised to howl and hunt their way across the globe, spreading their brand of punk-and-roll everywhere. Look for their "Feral as Fuck" album (tentatively titled) here at The Drunken Ship soon!

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