Welcome to the Drunken Ship

We like punk. We like rock. We like it loud, fast, and dirty. We like it dangerous. We like it raw. We like to howl at the moon. We've made some really good friends who make some seriously legit music and we are on a mission to share it with the planet.

Drunken Ship Records is located in "The Live Music Capital of the World" and we couldn't be happier about it. Yes, that's right. We call Austin, Texas our home. We also have a big presence on the big bad continent of Europe and are constantly spreading the gospel of Drunken Ship Punk N' Roll across the Atlantic.

We are cliqued up with Tchichimania Records and the Mighty Sounds crews in the Czech Republic. We are crewed up with Ring of Fire Records and Torpedo Booking in Germany. We love bringing the noise and are working hard to expand all over the globe.

Look for us and all the amazing bands we represent. Rock N' Roll.

How We Work

Punk Rock N' Roll Records

We sell vinyl and CDs as well as the occasional apparel item. All proceeds go to the artists and the marketing of the music.

1 Our purpose is to SUPPORT THE ARTISTS and share the music.
2 We have inventory in the US, Europe, and Canada and can ship from these locations to keep the cost down for you.

Meet Our Work Team

  • Clint Stevens

    Production manager and all around "face" of the DSR operation, Clint Stevens applies his skills handily with the day to…

  • Charles Crowe

    Old school journalist and off-brand third-rate copywriter Charles Everson Crowe rounds out the team with his scattered brand of words…

  • Alex Cocks

    Director of European Operations, Alex brings her unique brand of business management and artist relations to both the record distribution…

  • Zed Tchichiman

    Founder of Tchichimania records, Zed Tchichiman facilitates the business of booking and talent distribution throughout¬†Europe. A prominent man of business…